Ethereum; the next big Cryptocurrency

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Ethereum, when mentioned, brings bitcoin into focus as though the two were related or the same. Albeit they may be both be distributed public blockchain networks, they still have their disparities in terms of uses and capabilities.

The bitcoin platform offers a peer to peer online system for cash transactions while Ethereum runs the programming code of any decentralized application. Asides from being a cryptocurrency for trading, application developers pay their transaction fees to miners in Ether for services offered on the Ethereum network.

There one other vital thing that sets Ethereum aside from all blockchain apart from the aforementioned; it is the ability to go beyond just processing code. Ethereum is not limited in its operations, rather it gives developers the opportunity to create numerous operations as they so desire.

Ethereum virtual machine therefore makes the opportunity of building smart contracts a possibility, it is as though the contract self-executes; it takes care of enforcement, management, performance and payment, easing developers off their hassles.

This digital currency is the next biggest boom in the financial market after bitcoin and those who probably missed out on the bitcoin thrill look to ethereum as the second best opportunity to make cryptocurrency millionaires. At the extent of its current pace, some financial experts see it going farther than its other counterparts and challenging the position of bitcoin in the future.

Investing on ethereum is one great deal, investing in blockchain technology companies wholly, is equally another great deal. Buying stocks from companies such as BTCS, Global Arena Holding, DigitalX, Coinsilium Group, First Bitcoin Capital, BTC Group as these are the six most popular and highly rated blockchain tech companies is a very promising move towards hitting it big on stocks. The potentials of blockchain technology companies are very high at this day and age and investments are very likely to yield enormous profits in the nearest future.